Haokets started out ten years ago, in August 2003, as a personal blog in Hebrew by Dr. Yossi Dahan and Dr. Itzik Saporta. In an attempt to offer an alternative to the mainstream Israeli media motivated mainly by ratings and subservience to capital and political interests, we decided to broaden its scope to a magazine-like format, while still adhering to a non-commercial ethos. Currently our website offers an independent platform for critical discussion, where hundreds of writers publish on socioeconomic, cultural and philosophical issues, human rights activism, feminism, and especially Mizrahi politics which has been consistently neglected by both the mainstream media and the more leftist voices in Israeli non-governmental politics.

We call upon you to start or keep on taking part in this extraordinary project of creating a progressive, multicultural space connecting people, activities, contents, websites and writers, by contributing and donating to our recently launched English version.

A note on comments: We do our best not to publish any comments which include offensive personal content, and believe that there is a difference between criticism directed at an individual and criticism directed at public officials.

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